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Membership Benefits

Benefits of being an ATRI member include:

Illinois Green Car Program (Illinois Certified Automotive Recyclers)
Illinois Green Car recognizes and certifies that the member meets certain criteria in terms of environmental impact, safety, licensing and other regulatory standards as well as general business practices. This program is endorsed by the Illinois EPA and is cost effective. For just $50 a year you can become CAR certified through the National Association. ATRI has an established a working relationship with Illinois EPA so if you have questions for them but don't want to call, ATRI will be glad to make the call and provide you the answers.
ATRI Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee oversees legislative issues pertaining to Illinois auto recyclers. Through the Committee, ATRI engages in lobbying efforts and has established relationships with government agencies including the Secretary of State of Illinois.
Education and Training Opportunities
ATRI provides training throughout the year. Additionally, ATRI provides educational programs, social events, yard tours, and networking with fellow recyclers to learn from others' experience what works and what does not.
ATRI Newsletter
Published 7 times a year, the newsletter is currently mailed to all recyclers in Illinois and archived on this website. The newsletter includes industry news, a complete listing of the membership, updates on legislative and environmental issues and lots of other interesting information useful in your day to day business operations.
CMARC Central Midwest Auto Recyclers Convention and Trade Show
Held annually, this event rotates between Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. This event is designed to bring recyclers and vendors together from all over to network, educate, and provide and encourage camaraderie. We invite our fellow recyclers from surrounding states, to attend our convention and trade show, which clearly makes CMARC a regional show like none other.
Website and Staff Accessibility

ATRI is a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association, the national association for auto recyclers. ATRI is active by participating at the ARA conventions and sharing that information with ATRI members.

All recyclers are encouraged to join ATRI and make a difference by getting involved! Support your state association and reap the great benefits of membership.

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